Opening hours

Sun closed
Mon closed
Tue closed
Wed 14.00-20.00 (19.30)
Thu 14.00-20.00 (19.30)
Fri 14.00-21.30 (21.00)
Sat 12.00-16.30 (16.00) in addition to Wafflebuffet

Open sun 31.3. 12.00-16.30

Wille  – Olohuone ja keittiö, Äänekoskentie 311,
44100 Äänekoski




Herring Platter 11 € L 

Herrings served with roasted potato, seed crispbread and local bread 


Toast Skaken 13 € L 

Local bread, Skagen mix, Shrimp, egg yolk, pickled vegetables, roe 


Vegan Tofu Skagen Waffle 9 € M, V 

Vegan waffle, vegan skagen mix, vegan “gravlax”, pickled vegetables, caviar substitute 9 € M V 


Smoked Artic Char Soup 14 € / main course 19 € M, G  


Asparagus with hollandaise sauce and plonaise 12 €  


Main Courses  

Suopirtti Highland Burger 21 € L  

Beef patty (150g) house chili mayonnaise, Jukola cheddar, pickles, tomato, plank potatoes and aioli  

Salmon Burger 21 € L  

Smoked salmon, sour cream with local blue cheese marinated red onion, pickles, tomato, plank potatoes and aioli  

Vegetarian Burger 20 € (also available as V) 

House vegetarian patty, aioli, marinated red onion, pickles, tomato, plank potatoes and aioli 


Vorschmack 27 € L, G 

Vorschmack, a dish known as a favorite of Marshal Mannerheim, is made by stewing lamb and beef with a touch of herring. This well-known delicacy, at least in Poland, is served with roasted potatoes, sour cream, pickles, and beetroot salad 


Artic Char with Morel sauce 28 € 

With pan-fried potato and asparagus and pickled vegetables 


Lemon Risotto 23 € L 

With mascarpone and pan-fried asparagus  




Waterloo 13,5 € / 9 € L 

Smoked salmon, sour cream with blue cheese, pickles and marinated red onion  


Mamma Mia 13,5 € / 9 € L Mozzarella, tomato, pesto, ham, sunflower seeds 


I Have a Dream 13,5 € / 9 € M, V 

Vegan Waffle, tofu skagen mix, vegan “gravlax”, pickled vegetable  



Dancing Queen 12,5 € / 8 €  

Queen’s Jam from rasberries and blueberries, rasberry and blueberry ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sause, oat cookie  


Chiquitita 12,5 € / 8 €

Strawberry jam banana pineapple, chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce  


Winner Takes It All 12,5 € / 8 €

Vanilla ice cream, marshmallow, peanuts, chocolate, roasted white chocolate, Strawberry-rhubarb jam 



Wille - Olohuone ja keittiö

We are a delightful and atmospheric restaurant-café in the most beautiful wooden house in the very center of Äänekoski. We are open at the end of the week as an evening restaurant when a la carte delicacies are available. In addition, the popular Wille’s Waffle buffet on saturdays. On festive days , such as May Day and Mother’s Day, wonderful table settings. And in the summer we have a sunny terrace.

Additional information

Wille – Olohuone ja Keittiö.  (Company name Honkonen & Peltola Y- 2755619-9) 

Address Äänekoskentie 311 

44100 Äänekoski 

Phone: +358 41 5020 806 (Päivi) 



Arrival instructions

Wille is located in the centre of Äänekoski. Arrival instructions: When you arrive from the direction of highway 4 along Kotakennaantie or äänekoskentie to the roundabout in the centre of Äänekoski, exit to the road to Suolahti (Suolahti, Valio, Metsä Fibre). Before the bridge, turn right onto the road that leads to Wille’s parking lot